Former law enforcement roots and team foundations

Doyle Carden Group (DCG) was founded and is managed by former Federal Law Enforcement and at the core of its investigative teams are former law enforcement personnel. Banking Regulators recognize these individuals are more familiar with indicia of Money Laundering because of their professional experience and training. Increasingly we find that they expect to see former law enforcement backgrounds among the resumes of analysts and investigators who staff AML remediation engagements.

There are more than 200 Specified Unlawful Activities (SUA’s) and Predicate Offenses for the federal crime of Money Laundering.

While they range in severity and complexity from Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) crimes to Clean Water Act violations, former law enforcement personnel have experience recognizing indicia of suspicion related to Money Laundering and the investigation of Specified Unlawful Activities that others do not.

Former law enforcement personnel are not the only people capable of identifying money laundering. However, this has become an area of regulatory focus. Typically, DCG Anti-Money Laundering teams will be comprised of individuals from Law Enforcement, Banking Compliance and Regulatory backgrounds.