18-year investigative history with exceptional results

Doyle Carden Group (DCG) has extensive experience investigating potential wrongdoing and conducting due diligence on behalf of corporations, municipalities, small businesses, outside counsels, as well as individual litigators.

DCG’s experience is extensive in nature and global in reach.

DCG’s investigations and due diligence are conducted through a network of over 1000 former federal law enforcement investigators from the FBI, IRS-CID, US Postal Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and ICE. Each investigator is specifically selected for each engagement based upon the needs of the client and the unique aspects of each individual assignment. Many of DCG’s investigators are uniquely qualified in specific areas and have testified in litigation matters as Expert Witnesses in various local and Federal courts.

DCG’s due diligence services are an essential step in mitigating the risk of harm to the parties to a transaction or business relationship including economic loss, civil law suits, criminal and regulatory actions, reputation loss and loss of market capitalization.

The Client’s interests are always DCG’s interests.

DCG recognizes and appreciates the responsibility that management has for competent, effective and informed decision making. The proper vetting of parties to a transaction or business relationship is critical to the mitigation of risk to our clients. Our process is exhaustive and conducted by the most experienced due diligence experts in the field.