Secure & flexible access to AML investigators

Doyle Carden Group (DCG) provides Clients with an efficient, secure and cost-effective solution to enable highly skilled and experienced AML Investigators to work remotely under the Client’s direction and generate high quality output.

Key Benifits Include:

  • Ease regulatory concerns without adding to FTE headcount
  • Experienced and productive AML resources working for you on “Day One”
  • Safety & security of end-point management and centralized control
  • No long-term contract or commitment
  • Save money by eliminating costly reimbursement expenses
  • Perfectly suited for Alert Clearing, SAR Writing, Testing and QA

The DCG Remote AML Solution has been designed to replicate the security and benefits of an FTE worker offsite. DCG works with its Client’s staff to facilitate a secure and stable connection the Client’s platform, insuring both data security and high productivity. Employees use secure computers that are hardened and monitored to provide a high degree of security, insuring the integrity of your data.